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Syn|onyms means equality or similarity of two words. synonymous if they have a similar or even equal importance. The term comes from the Greek synonym συνώνυμος [synónymos] and translated means something like the same name.

Syn|onymous terms for the word itself is synonymous with meaningful related, meaning similar, identical in meaning, sense similar, to the same sense.
As is the case with many words in the romance languages the word synonym derives from the Greek or Latin linguistic usage. The word synonymos means together and name.
Who ever has to deal with the subject synonym is looking for a certain word or a certain phrase with a similar or the same lexical meaning. However, it is interesting to know that the expression "lexical" belongs to the very few words for which until today there still is no synonym. In particular in the English language there are many words which are written in the same style with an identical pronunciation. However, they do not form any kind of synonym to each other since they are used in different language meaning and context. In this case one speaks of the so-called antonyms.

In contrast to the antonyms synonyms are compatible in their extensive context, in regular language usage as well as in special parlance and lexical meaning without losing their originally deliberate sense or the idea standing behind it. Besides, it concerns the so-called strict synonyms or synonyms beyond dispute since the same importance is attached to these words by all people using the respective language.

Nevertheless, on this occasion, one must still consider single linguistic gradations. These are attached in particular in the high technical language where single synonyms are often used in form of foreign words or words especially used with a certain professional terminology. It may concern a dialect, stylistic language levels, political parlance as well as using different social language levels.

Who ever has to deal with a foreign language not only has to consider the meaning of the respective single word, but also the culture, history and the prevailing society model of the target country. If we take, for example, the word book, there are some synonyms which we would not immediately connect with this word, such as work, study, sketch or publication. These are the synonyms used in the furthermost sense without changing the context of the original word. Synonyms for this word in the narrower sense are good reads, reading and writing.

However, if you deal professionally, at school or as friend of the guessing game with language, word and writing, you will be able to find good reference sites in the internet giving you synonyms for every word or phrase you are looking for. Especially in the case of the German and romance languages English, French, Spanish and Italian you can find any word and synonym you need for your purposes. Just type the words dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopaedia in context with the word synonyms into your searching machine and you will find right away many important sites dealing with synonyms, antonyms, word definitions and translations into different languages. Thus you will be able to make sure that these useful digital assistants will substantially enhance your texts and pronunciation concerning style and content with very few but important nuances.

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